Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Intro to Amber

Age: 19
Height: 5'7
Size: 0

I have a body type like a pencil, straight up and down like a board. No, I'm not a teenage boy - promise! Actually, I prefer the term "willowy." It conjures images of a graceful ballerina leaping across the stage.

As a college student, my fashion style is usually pretty low-key. Casual and comfy is my day-to-day style and jeans are a staple. I'm pretty limited by what I can fit in my tiny dorm closet but I love mixing my mom's old clothes from the 80's with newer pieces.

I do enjoy dressing up when the occasion calls for it though - maybe an interview, dinner with friends, or some networking event where I might meet somebody who could give me My Big Break. I love fashion, but I tend to splurge on classic pieces as opposed to trends. Especially because many trendy pieces are absolutely abhorrent. Like those sandals that look like they have leg warmers attached to them. Not sure what the proper name for those are, but they're not attractive.

My flat stomach and long limbs are my best asset. I never shy away from tightly fitting pieces. I actually like that they can give me the illusion of curves. Broad horizontal stripes are another favorite of mine.

I do stay away from anything with a low neckline because I'm so flat-chested and I tend not to wear one-strap tops or dresses because they emphasize my scoliosis.

Fashion is fun, never a burden. Although on my college budget, sometimes window shopping has to suffice.


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  2. I love classic pieces, too, but that's probably because I have no fashion sense! I need a personal shopper :)

    Happy Tuesday!

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  4. ugh, my body type is all crazy, it's like a pear, if a pear had a beer belly! lol I saw this post is from september. I loved the way you wrote, any more coming along?

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  6. I'd love to have a flat stomach and long limbs!

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  23. We have a similar body type. My hips are probably a tad larger though, I am usually a size 2, but we're the same height.

    <3 Melissa

  24. I envy your body type!! I've always wanted that shape!!! And yes college budget is hard to live on :(